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Samos, as we call it, is the closest Greek island to Turkey, which is one of the 12 Ionian colonies in the past and is located just across Kusadasi and Dilek Peninsula, small and cute, where you can get easy access by ferry, and where you can’t set foot without schengen.

Samos can be reached by ferries departing from Kuşadası and the harbour. You arrive in Samos after about 1.5 hours by ferry departing from Kuşadası at 09:00 in the morning. You can get round-trip ferry tickets for 40 euros from Meander Tourism.However, I went to the day if you want to stay and return to another date if the ticket prices 55 euro goes up. If you think of going for a day, if you get your return ticket from Pythagorion port, you can return by ferry at 20.00 in the evening. Normally Vathy port Shields at 17.00 in the evening departs from the island at noon 12 yi bulabiliyor arrival so you may not have much time left.

It’s good not to keep your expectations too high as you go. It’s not as big as the other Greek islands, Samos, but there are still places to visit, dishes to taste. 1-2 days to listen to the head, let me make a change if you say Samos is a suitable place for this. Especially the beaches and the sea are very beautiful.

I think you can travel by renting the most comfortable car or motorbike. I couldn’t do both.  I used public transport as much as I could, which is not common in Samos, where I could not use force to the base walked, can be a little difficult in the heat 🙂

If we come to the place to be seen;

Pythagorean; one of the most important cities of Samos, known as Pythagorean’s hometown. There is a bazaar where you can find beautiful souvenirs and a marina. There are cafes and restaurants by the sea again. You can get a “Pythagorean Cup, Pythogoras’ cup” from the giveaway.  The characteristic of this cup is that you can fill the drink to a certain level. When you fill up more, it starts to trickle down the Coasters. The reason is for everyone to get an equal share.

Vathy, Samos Town; There is not much to see in Vathy, which is the first place to land by ferry in the morning. You can rent your car / motorbike from here and take a small tour of the city.

Manolates village ‘ I provided transportation by taxi 15 euro kept around. There is already no transport by public transport. I sent the cabbie, even though he said I would be back somehow and wait for the cabbie because I couldn’t trust him too much. The village of Manolates is a mountain village where two cars barely cross, with plenty of bends but roads in lush trees. It’s so small, but so cute. It takes about 30 minutes-1 hour to travel and see. It’s nice to see him, but it’s been a bit hard for him to come back for someone like me who’s been driving without a car. As I couldn’t find any vehicles on the way back, I thought I’d at least walk up to the main road and take the bus/taxi from there. The road down to the main road was very beautiful, the air was cool, the greenery was flowing waters. I continued walking for a while after I arrived on the main road. But there were no vehicles around and the weather was starting to get very hot. After walking about 7-8 km like this, a Danish couple who had recently hitchhiked took their car to Kokkari, but I was able to return. So you can be you do not go to the village without vehicles 🙂

If you went to Samos at daybreak, I say do not return without resting on the coast, without entering the sea. The Sea and the beach were so different and beautiful from the beach of Davutlar. The most beautiful beaches are Psili Ammos, Lemonakia on the Kokkari side and Gaggou beaches, which are the closest point to Turkey.

Kokkari is one of the other tourist cities and one of the places I enjoy the most. There are also restaurants and cafes on the beach and during the day you can lie down on the sunbed and enjoy the sea and sun. In the evening, this area becomes a restaurant and you have the opportunity to eat in the sea. Sit in one of the sea-side cafes, sing ice-cream frappe sit back, enjoy the sound of the sun and waves.

Samos, you can go to listen to your head, you can pass yourself 1-2 days torpil, both close and affordable and you can leave with a smile on your face a place, yes, it is not a very big place, but it is definitely worth going!

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