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Again one day I got my round-trip tickets to Zürich with the appropriate tickets I came across when I was surfing the internet. The departure plane was the Swiss airlinestan and the return was the Pegasus. Although the Swiss air ticket came at a more affordable price, the service was much better than Pegasusdak.

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland and also the capital of the canton of Zürich. German is spoken and the Swiss franc is used as currency. The city took its name from the Lake Zurich located around it. Zürich is a really expensive city compared to other European cities. 3-Night stay hostelworld.com I did it over and stayed at the “city Backpacker – Hostel Pepper.” The Hostel was not bad but you can stay in much better places in other European countries for the same price.

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, although it is not a very big city Zürich. You can reach anywhere very easily by public transport, but the city is small, so if the weather is nice, walking is the best.

 The Limmat River runs through the middle of the city. Although I was gone in June, the weather was pretty cool. When the weather is good, you can spend time sitting on the edge of the Limmat River.

– St PeterskirchePeter’s Church); as you head towards the Bank of the river, you will be seeing the church with the largest clock in Europe, with a diameter of 8.7 meters.

Fraumünster and Grossmünster; St.You will see the Fraumünster (which is green-domed) near the Church of Peter and the Grossmünster(large church) with two towers located across the river, opposite the Fraumünster.

– Bahnhofstrasse is the city’s Main Street and the most fashionable shopping street.

– For those who want to visit the museum, the city is a complete Museum paradise with close to 50 museums. If you want to try a new taste in Zurich, you can try the fondue. Besides, his watch, cheese and chocolate are popular.

Spitalgasse; the most lively and lively shopping street in the city. Bern was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1983, although I have not been able to travel much, as far as I can see, the ciy deserves it.

Zeitglockenturm (Zytglogge); the other important symbol of the city after the bear is this clock tower. Inside are small statuettes that move around every hour.

After visiting Zürich city centre on the first day, I returned to the hostel and started researching the next day to go to the Interlaken area. I also wanted to stop by the city of Bern on the way to Interlaken.

Bern; the de facto capital of Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Bern, the 4th largest in the country. city. The symbol of the city is the bear, because when Duke Berchtold, the founder of the city, decides to establish the city, he says that in the area, the first animal he hunts will name the city, and the first animal he hunts is a bear. Thus, the name of the town also becomes “Baer” meaning “bear” in German. From that period to the present day, the symbol of the city has been “Bear”.

I arrived in Bern by train from Zürich in the morning. Because the country is expensive enough, train tickets can be a little more than you think. After leaving the railway station, I made my way to Kornhausbrücke bridge. It’s lovely to watch the city, the River Aare and the greenery over the bridge.

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