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What’s In My Backpack

What’s In My Backpack

The backpack is one of the topics a traveler should think about most. For those planning long-term trips, backpack selection actually means choosing health, comfort, safety. If you’re a long-term travel thinker, never pity the money you give to your backpack. The first backpack I bought in New Zealand had not been able to withstand heavy travel conditions, as its quality was poor and its use was impractical.

In the city of Kota Kinabalu in Borneo’s Sabah province, I had now decided to renovate my backpack and bought an arc’teryx Adventure 55+10L and a Karrimor Zodiak 20L daily backpack with it. Both bags were enough to meet my needs beyond my expectations. I often use the phrase” where I open my backpack is my home.” So here’s what I got in my backpack together.

What I carry in my backpack

As of now, my backpack weighs 20kg and is considered quite heavy. The traveller’s backpack should be as light as possible, far from the basic logic. I actually said goodbye to some things on the way: I had gifted my Kathmandu inflatable bed, sleeping bag and large towel, which I’d slept on for a few months in New Zealand, to someone I’d met in Indonesian Java. I also left him the PADI dive Book next to me. I was quite relieved, both in volume and weight.

Samsung Tab as a gift to myself when I fill my first year on the road. I bought 10.1. I took the idea of reading, watching movies and writing books on long journeys. It doesn’t work except watching movies right now, and I’m sure I’d make myself a lot happier if I bought an Ipad instead!

My Dutch road friend Farid and I had decided to participate in the Baram Regatta: 100 years of rowing races held in the town of Marudi in the Sarawak province of Borneo. When we were told that we couldn’t find a place to stay in the small town, we bought tents and Mats. Now these are some of the things that occupy the most space in my bag. Although I had a very pleasant time staying in this tent alone at night on the islands of Mamutik and Sapi, which are tropical islands in Borneo.

When I left, I had access to my Canon PowerShot G5 camera in the Philippines, which I didn’t take with me (which was one of the stupidest things I did). My citation friend, whom I met through a sightseeing site, who came to tour the Philippines, had brought my camera to me. In fact, it is a camera that can be considered heavy with the adapter, but that way I was able to take great pictures in the Philippines.

500 of my second trip to Singapore to renew my expired passport. it was his day, and I deserved to buy myself a new present. Even though I’ve been shopping, haggling, I’ve never been able to come to a conclusion. I’ve done one of the nicest things I’ve ever done –albeit belatedly – and bought myself a Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera.

The 13.3” screen and 2.5 kg weight notebook bag is also used to prepare Blog posts. What would be a lighter laptop, for example, McBook Air 🙂 had fallen to the ground in Fiji from my bag opened in the night running to protect it from the rain in the dark, thankfully it had not suffered any damage except scratches. This fall alone cost me $ 30. Because the wireless Microsoft Wireless Mouse 4000 USB receiver was damaged and I had to buy it from the new one in Singapore. I find it very exhausting and difficult to use the laptop without this mouse.

I have 3 pants next to me, 5-6 T-shirts , 2 shorts and 2 Sea shorts, 1 hooded sweetshirt with a sweatpants I never dressed again next to, cold/cool weather dressed in long sleeves 2 sweet shirts, a few socks with flip-flops. I need tracksuits with long-sleeved t-shirts only on mountain climbs or on trips to high-altitude places. Which means I rarely use it. Besides a zippered bag where I put the cleaning materials, there are 2 sarongs. The most useful items in my bag are sarongs. You can read this article about how and where it is used.

My backpack also includes a few electrical adapters, a spray to protect from flies and insects (I’ve been bitten a lot), a box of drugs to use when needed, playing cards, a water bottle that hostum Lalita gave me when I was doing HelpX work in Tasmania, a Jawa coffee that a friend of mine, who we’ve been on a motorcycle for 10 days in East Java, a locked bag with inflatable pillow, books,

Like your household items, the contents of your backpack change when you’re on the road. You say goodbye to some things while new ones are added. Sometimes when your bag is getting lighter, you see that there’s no room for anything new in your bag, it’s packed. I hope to discuss in another article to tell the difference between the items in my bag at the time these photos were taken and the items in my bag a few months after that.

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