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Philippines (Palawan-Bohol)

Philippines (Palawan-Bohol)

Now close your eyes and relax yourself above the immaculate beaches under the palm trees, where no one else exists, or even the name of the island you are on…

Here is the island of Palawan. I understand now why Palawan island is the best island in the world. There are as many choices between islands as you want. You tell me what kind of island you want, and they offer you a choice of tours. People from all over the world come for these tours. I understand why I came here 10000 km. Of course, there is a challenge to coming to this island, and I will explain it below. Actually, Palawan El Nido is a little fishy Bay. The most towns would be, nufusu 1500, no supermarket, no hospital, Aham Saham luks to stay in a hotel, difficult to reach and the town’s Beach kotu. Yeah, you didn’t hear wrong. But the best island in the world has been chosen, there are incredible beaches and lagoons. It’s a natural wonder. I’m trying to make sense of it, it’s still untouched, and we’re open to being discovered. That’s what’s most affecting me. When all these problems are solved, then there is no doubt that everyone will win. When there are problems with this tour for families can not come to the first rows on the list. It’s the island of Palawan.

The town of El Nido offers the opportunity to enjoy dinner at the beach against this view. The coast is filled with hundreds of boats that are preparing for tomorrow’s tours. 1500, but 1500-2000 tourists visit the islands around Al-Nido daily. It’s a very serious figure and it weighs tourists from all over the world.

El Nido also has 4 different tour options. You visit an average of 5 candidates in each round and this round lasts for a length of days. At least 2 different tour options alinmalı and I did so. I would definitely recommend it.

Tours include Ogle dinner. Immediately after arriving at the second island, the mangals behind the boat start to burn. While you enjoy the coast and the island, tour guests prepare Ogle meals. I can not say that the food is prepared in very hygienic conditions, but it is a pity that you do not see too much. It’s mostly seafood, and there are white and red meat options. If you are very meticulous about food you will have to put something in your cantaniza before a day 🙂

Because there are so many boat trips to the islands, there are people waiting for you on the islands. There is someone waiting for you in the middle of the ocean and they come in small boats and offer you coconut and other tropical fruits. And I love fruit, so I never waste it. I can tell you that I’ve been raising my feelings about coconut. Don’t take too much green, because when you break it, the white part in it doesn’t get the full jole kivami. The outer part is slightly yellowish.

The fact that these beaches are not my favorite yonu localities, the place where the localities are, is over for me…

It’s losing its nature, there’s batons all over it, the water is falling into the sea, what’s more.

I wish you wouldn’t be resettled on these unique islands… Love nature, protect the green.

Now let me tell you about an interesting incident I’ve been through. We’re on a deserted island again, so we took a break for Ogle dinner. I’m sitting near your dinner table. There is only one table and a few items. I’m going through a lot of emotions in my thoughts, anyway, boyle sounds a subtle Azan sound. Once I was surprised, I was stunned. Just to see if I can hear voices. That’s the azan sound you know. I’m looking to the left of the island to see if there is a mosque here. We’re in the middle of a deserted island you know, there’s no localities. The sound is starting to grow, Allahuekber. I said, Huseyin, this is it. The expected day has arrived. My heart attacks are getting faster, of course, these are things that happen in seconds. God, when I said I was coming to you, one of the Arab tourists from our boat had a phone in the Cantas. I looked at a saga, I looked at a left, no one watching me. My Betim has run out of gas. Hussein, I said take a deep breath, calm down. Message received. Amen.

After spending 3-4 days in Palawan El Nido, it is time to go to the other island. I’m flying from Palawandan to Cebu at 21:30. I’m going to the airport tonight. 1 hour rotar 2 hours rotar and flight cancelled.

It was postponed tomorrow due to aerial opposition. I said good health. They paid 500 pesos, 35 tl felan makes. It’s 23:00.I’m looking for a bookingden hotel. I have found a hotel soon, miss? Hussein. I immediately blew up the reservation, took my room, took the way to the hotel felan. I got it from navigation. I’m tracking it 800 meters away. I’m walking away, but the lights are starting to go down. The course of the event is changing. There’s no street light left. Another thrilling minutes begins. Let’s throw yourself at the hotel where my son Huseyin az Kaldi ends up in herrsey veee pitch blackness. I’m driving with the phone’s lamp. Last 50 metres and finished… There’s no light in the middle. I’m looking right, I’m looking left. There’s something wrong with this. On the one hand, I can imagine what they call my sister Tugba. No tourists are hijacking or extorting.. I’m looking for the hotel with the authorized personnel. What do you like what he says ?? We closed the hotel at seven in the morning. You’re kidding my friend, I rezzervation, he’s in my room, even though I said I have a tip tomorrow morning. Sorry, sir, he hung up. Of course they pissed off the Anatolian boy. How do I press the tin? Plan B now. I need to get out out here this instant. I’m sweating cold. There’s a tricycle coming and the guy’s on his way home. I said We need a hotel. He said We’d handle it. We went to a few hotels and couldn’t find a place. I wrote those morfi laws. If there’s a chance that something’s not going to happen, it won’t be certain.

With the wish to see another part of the world and another time.

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