We were finally able to create time for Meis Island, the smallest and most colorful of the Greek islands. How long have we been going to Kaş? For some reason we didn’t create an opportunity and go to one of the Twelve islands of Greece, just 2.1 km away. We said We would go this time on our Mediterranean route, which we did before entering the summer period. And we managed to make that decision. We arrived in MEIS in 20 minutes with ferry tickets from KAS port. In this article we explained all the information about the Daily Meis island tour, the places to visit on the island of Meis, where to eat on the island of Meis. It is worth noting that our summer is guaranteed to make the MEIS tour.


The island of Meis, with its Greek name Megisti, its Turkish name Meis, and its Italian name Kastelorizo, is an island of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located 2.1 km away from Kaş. The closest known Greek island, not counting the other small Greek islands next to it, is Rhodes Island. Its distance to Rhodes is 125 km.

We explain the simplest and principal way to go to the island of Meis. First you have to go to Kaş to get to the island of Meis.

After arriving in Kaş, you need to buy a ferry ticket from the agencies located in Kaş port. There are two ferry tourism agencies serving KAS-MEIS island.

Departure time from KAS: 10: 00

Departure time from MEIS: 16: 00


Some will go to MEIS for a day and some will stay for a night or two. But don’t overtake Meis as the small island. Even this tiny island has history. We will make a brief history statement without taking too much time and then tell you what to eat in MEIS and where to visit in MEIS.

Dorlar was the first to settle on the island, and even the Megisti named Dorlar. During the Hellenistic period, the island was dominated by Rhodes. Byzantine and Ottoman struggle to capture the island in the medieval period.

14.YY’da island domination Jerusalem St. It’s in the hands of the Knights of John. The Knights, led by Folques de Villaret, were travelling from Rhodes, Cyprus, during the period mentioned. Three years after this trip, they conquered the island of Rhodes. After the conquest of the Sultan of Egypt, The King of Naples and Suleiman The Magnificent, the sovereignty of the island came into the hands of the Italians.

There is also a mosque belonging to the Ottoman period on the island, which was under Ottoman rule from the early 1500s to the early 1900s. Today, the mosque serves as a museum.

1.French and Italians through World War 1.At the end of World War II, the island occupied by the British was ceded to Greece under the Paris Agreement of 1947. It was officially annexed to Greece in 1948 along with twelve Islands.


Meis is a lovely Greek island with its clear sea, colourful houses, pristine architecture, taverns and friendly locals giving its visitors a warm embrace. Maybe he doesn’t have a lot of places to go and see, but believe me, he’s somehow getting you to admire him.

There is also no beach with sand on the island. But even that makes the island more attractive. Don’t think there’s no place to go to sea because there’s no sand. And there is such a clear sea of blue that one does not want a dead end again.

The island population is about 500 people. Unfortunately, we have not been able to obtain any conclusive information. According to the conversation we had with the captain on the way to MEIS, there were 400 people, some of them on blogs, 500, 600 people. So we said Let’s give the average 😉

A lot of people in MEIS migrated to Australia in their time. Don’t be surprised if you see Australian flags waving at homes when you come to MEIS. Most of them came to MEIS in summer because they used MEIS as a summer residence.


Cave Parasta, Phokia, Blue Grotto and Blue Cave are also called here. You can go to the cave for 10 euros by boats departing from the port. Find the boat that says Kostas in the harbor and Kostas will take you to the Blue Cave as soon as the boat is full of dollars.

There are moments in your life that you can’t forget. If you want to add a new one to your moments, do not forget to go to this cave. You swim through the narrow entrance. And as soon as you enter the cave, you encounter an azure color.

We suggest you visit the cave as soon as you set foot on the island in case the water level rises. The ceiling height of the cave is 25 meters and the length is 50 meters and the width is 30 meters.


If you’re going to the Blue Cave, you’re going to St. Paul’s on your way back.You can cross to the island of George (Aya Yorgi). If you’re not going to the Blue Cave, Meis is in Port St.You can access George’s services. The island has one business. They own the island, though eheheh. Sun loungers and parasols paid. If you want to eat something, there is a kitchen and there is a food service.


St.Tower known as John 14.it was built in the century. The Italians called it Castello Rosso. In the Italian language castello-kale means Rosso-Red. This name has been used since the castle was built on a red coloured rock.We say climb to the castle, but remember, you will rise to the top. From this point you can see a view of both the centre of Meis and the Mandraki Bay next door.

It’ll take you about 20 minutes to get from headquarters to the Fort. The road is not very uphill but know that there are stairs in some places.


The most beautiful thing to do in MEIS is undoubtedly to eat in one of the taverns located by the sea. Stay away from this island without eating delicious appetizers and drinking ouzo on the shores of the Mediterranean in the atmosphere of Hellenistic architecture. We listed restaurant recommendations above. You can enter any of these you want, or you can enter other places that you like after you set foot on the island.


Meis is such an island that you think you’re in Italy for a moment. You have to throw yourself into the slinky streets. As you walk through the streets, you will be amazed at the ornaments in front of the houses, in front of the windows and doors. The pastel colors of the houses feel like postcards.

We’ve shared everything we’ve seen, eaten, toured with you. We hope you have the information that will help you on your tour of Meis. We wish you a good holiday already.

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