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The 8 Most Beautiful Train Journeys In The World

The 8 Most Beautiful Train Journeys In The World

The most important things that the Industrial Revolution has brought to the world are undoubtedly the trains. 18 for the first time.in the early part of the century, steam trains used to carry freight in England developed over time and also began carrying passengers in 1825. Tele-trains hauled by giant cables, electrically operated, single rail systems, fast trains reaching speeds of 400 kilometers per hour were the most important developments in this area over time.

Although train travel has improved so much, over time it has been replaced by land vehicles and then aircraft. Its existence, however, was never finished. People continue to travel trains, whether for nostalgic purposes or to benefit from the blessings of high-speed train, the latest gift of technology.

In this article, let’s look at the most beautiful train journeys that continue with breathtaking views across different continents.

1. Switzerland – The Jungfrau Railway

Route: Kleine Scheidegg – Jungfraujoch

Length: 10 km

Jungfrau, the highest train route in Europe, reaching 3454 metres, passes through charming Swiss villages, accompanied by exciting Bern Alps and Aletsch Glacier sights, rather than tunnels or underground, despite being an electric system.

On this short train route, you can view a natural wonder from the glassed observation platforms at Eigerwand and eismeer stations.

2. Fransa-The

Route: Villefranche De Conflent-Latour De Carol

Length: 63 km

Travelling through the Têt Valley of the French Pyrenees, this Yellow Electric Railway terminates exactly at the border with Spain. It is not today, but it was the highest railway in France in 1927 when it was first opened. Its starting point, Villefranche de Conflent, is among Unesco Cultural Heritage sites due to its ancient castle walls and other ruins. Apart from charming towns such as Serdinya, Joncet, Nyer, Thues Caranca, the railway also runs through the Pont gisclard suspension bridge.

3. Norway – The Flam Railway

Route: Myrdal-Flam

Length: 20 km

The Flam train travel is also one of the popular tourist activities in Norway, with 20 routes with the most ups and downs in Europe apart from the tunnel. The descent of about 1,000 meters from Myrdal to Flam takes place mostly on the arduous mountain route. Although it is possible to make this trip all year round, the ideal season is from May to September.

4. Ireland – Dublin / Rosslare Railway

Route: Dublin-Rosslare Harbour

Length: 160 km

Dublin – Rosslare, Ireland’s first railway, offers mountain and sea views together. This diesel train moving from Dublin was disrupted by frequent erosion on the tracks between Bray and Wicklow, rock falls, and the tracks were made over and over again. The route runs from Dublin to Wicklow by the sea and from Wicklow to Rosslare by the Inland Valley and hills.

5. Turkey-East Express

Route: Ankara – Kars

Length: 1900 km

The Eastern Express, which began in April 1919 with the Calais (France) – Istanbul flights, is also the subject of Agatha Christie’s novel Murder on the famous Eastern Express. Although its route has changed today, it still continues its voyages. Train travel begins in Ankara and ends in Kars via Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum. The vast Valley, hills and mountains covered with snow give people the feeling that they are in a white desert. For this 25-26 hour travel, where the winter season is ideal, there are also 4-person bird (bed) or 2-person bed wagons.

6. Madagascar – Route: Fianarantsoa-Manakara

Length: 162 km

The railway, built during the French colonial period, actually serves not only Fianarantsoa – Manakara, but also on different routes. There are 67 bridges and 48 tunnels along this train travel with the steepest slopes in the world. The fact that locals selling fruit and food get off and ride at every stop and that exotic commotion, breathtaking mountain views and eventually regaining the sea are the rewards of this trip.

7. India-Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Route: New Jalpaiguri – Darjeeling

Length: 84 km

Although the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway routes built by the British have lost their former glory today due to disasters such as earthquakes and floods, they are still among Unesco Cultural Heritage sites. The train departs from Darjeeling in the Sikkim region between Nepal and Bhutan, India, starting at 2100 meters, allowing you to enjoy both the unique view of the Himalayas and experience India’s chaotic lifestyle at the same time.

8. Sri Lanka-Sri Lankan Railways

Route: Kandy – Ella

Length: 130 km

Some travel is more about making that trip than the destination you want to arrive at. In fact, for almost every train trip on this list, so is the Kandy – Ella train. After leaving Kandy, the 2024 meter train goes down to 1041 meters again in Ella. The journey is accompanied by tea plantations, vast green terrains and mountains. The part where the whole trip turns into a visual feast is the zones between Nuwara Eliya and Ella.

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