The ancient city of Olympos, which is home to one of the most important Lycian cities in Turkey, is one of the most touristic places of our country thanks to its location and especially its location right inside the holiday Center. Olympos – with this article we provide information about the ancient city of Olympos, when you go to Olympos, we will help you to look more carefully at the history as you pass through the ancient city. Unfortunately, there is no guide service at the entrance to the ancient city of Olympos. Thanks to informative panels, you can easily visit the ancient city.


The ancient city of Olympos is located on the coast of Olympos, in the Kumluca District of Antalya. Click here for location.

Antalya Center Olympos 85 km-1 hour 30 minutes,

Olympos 110 km from KAS Center-2 hours 15 minutes,

521 km – 7 hours from Izmir center to Olympos,

Olympos 765 km from central Istanbul – 9 hours 25 minutes,

all of the above distances apply to the Special Vehicle. If you are going to provide transportation with your own vehicle, you can consider these distances.


It is not known exactly when Olympos, an important port city in history, was founded. For the first time in the name of Olympos M.It was found on Lycian Union coins minted in 167-168 BC. This means the following. The most important records written about the history of the ancient city of Olympos are coins.

The historical ruins of this port city, set in wooded land around the Olympos tea that passes through the middle of the valley, belong to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.

One consequence of Olympos being an important port city during the Lycian Union period is that it is one of 6 Lycian cities with 3 Voting Rights. M.In the transition from the 2nd century BC to the 1st century BC, the coins inscribed with the name Olympos were terminated and the ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis came into the hands of Pirates. Upon this, the city of Olympos was punished and expelled from the Lycian League. The most important reason for this punishment is that the pirate Zeniketes, who had established his dominance in Olympos, stood against Rome. M.In 78 BC, the city was taken from Zeniketes as a result of Rome’s expedition to Olympos. And the Roman Empire came under his rule. The city was dominated by the Roman Empire.S 2.in the century, it was again connected to the Lycian Union and became a port city with increasing importance.

M.S 5 and 6.Olympos experienced its most prosperous period in the century. Until m.S 7.until the Arab raids of the century. Due to the effects of earthquakes and epidemics in the region with the Arab raids, there has been serious migration from the city.

Almost all of the historical ruins you will see when you visit the ancient city of Olympos belong to the Roman and Byzantine periods.

Dock walls: these walls and connected stairs on the shore of Olympos tea are an indication of the entry of ships/boats into this tea in ancient times.

Bridge: this rock mass located near the junction of Olympos tea with the sea is the foot of the bridge connecting the city. The stones were taken from another structure in the ancient city and are said to have been built here in materials that were later converted.

How Much Is The Entrance Fee To The Ancient City Of Olympos?

First of all, the museum is located at the entrance to the ancient city of Olympos. Visitors with a museum card can enter for free.

There are two types of input types in the exception of this.

Single pass card: a single pass card is £ 20 per person and is an entry card that you can use only once a day.

10 Pass Card: 10 Pass card is not issued unintentionally. Let’s say a kind of alertness 🙂 10 pass through the card is not necessarily a condition that one person will use the card. If two people are travelling, you can use it together by taking a single 10-Pass card. The Fee Is £ 30.

The most advantageous entry after the museum card is to receive 10 Pass cards.

If you are coming with your car, you can park your car in the paid car park right at the back of the box office.

Visiting Hours Of The Ancient City Of Olympos

Summer Term (15 April – 2 October) 08: 30-19: 00

Winter Period (3 October – 14 April) 08: 30 – 17: 30

It is open to visitors for 360 days, 7 days a week. Free access to the ancient city is available outside the official visiting hours.

When To Come To The Ancient City Of Olympos

Olympos is a holiday resort that attracts many visitors during the summer months of June-July-August if you throw a needle will not fall to the ground as the so-called Crowd. Our advice is to go in May and September if you want to travel in a calmer and lull.

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