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Why Should We Travel

Why Should We Travel

What’s the most beautiful sense of the world ?”if you ask me, I would have no answer but to travel, to travel, to travel the world, to fly like a bird to different countries, to taste new cultures-people-societies-food, to breathe in short. Why do we not travel as a nation, even if life is so beautiful, breathing is so precious, something is missing ?

As I told everyone how easy these things were and how cheap or even mundane it was to travel, they couldn’t start anywhere and were just watching as spectators.

What the hell is in this? You can do it after you have passion !” when I gave you your indoctrination, a lot of them didn’t even care. But maybe you care, or even you love this feeling like me, and the biggest thrill in your life is the love of traveling, or maybe you can be someone who dreams all the time, I’m writing a little, I’ll tell you as much as I can.

Why should we travel ? Why does a man stand up and go to India, Brazil, Australia, Canada or wherever he is ? Why would he go through all this research, new excitement when he has a job, a wife, a child, a regular life, where he works every morning from 9 to 6 ? I’ll tell you, man. “Wondering.”

Learning curiosity, reading-research curiosity,self-discovery of the world. It’s more a desire to know yourself than to see something. So if you have the features and requests that I’m going to count now, you better start planning right now.

Because believe me, even if you’re already physically where you are, your mind is somewhere else. So you better start dreaming, making plans to go somewhere…..

The most beautiful and most effective changes that I have discovered and learned in myself in the countries and travels I have traveled to by this time have been 15 different things that I personally will now rank. See if you have any changes like that or new pursuits you want to change !

Travel ;

  1. Opens his eyes to the world. You wake up when you’re asleep. You’ll see it. You will notice.
  2. Not luxury. That is the need. A Normal person travels to be reborn. They make it look like luxury in our country.
  3. Makes you look through a different window. It shows that only Turkey, Turks and Muslims do not have Islam.
  4. Accomplishes his dreams. When you see your photos a thousand times alive, you’ll be surprised. Makes you cry.
  5. It improves you. Language, vision, perspective, culture, scholar …
  • It allows me to see the world of your dreams is bigger than that. Believe me, the world is smaller than you think.
  • Pursues adventure. It’ll teach you what it means to be excited.
  • Denotes the world. It is not necessarily going to the many stretches to see the beauty of the cities around you
  • Makes you discover yourself. How many hours a day do you talk to yourself ? Maybe there’s not even an opportunity from work to power. But believe me, when you travel, what you actually see is realising yourself.
  • Opens its Horizon. You see how ignorant you are and how much information you have to learn. Still, I say. All I know is that I know nothing…
  1. Above all, it teaches you respect. Respect for Man, nature, the world. Believe me, we need it as a nation. Very…
  2. Helps you to be open to innovation. It teaches you to worry about everything new and never hesitate to innovate.
  3. Makes You Make Friends. Sometimes you get to know your companion, sometimes you meet people from different countries.
  4. Breaks down your bias. You don’t generalize. You don’t talk without knowing. Look, taste, be surprised, then decide.

How? Do you have those expectations ? Or do you, after traveling, find yourself, relaxed, rested, smiling, returning to your country ? I know you have the same thing. Because that feeling is commonplace, like laughing, crying, eating, feeling sad, and that’s what’s already inherent in all of us.

So believe me, even if you’ve never traveled, it’s very likely that after you’ve traveled a little and seen it, those feelings will start to move, and once you let this virus get into your body, you’ll never want it to come out again. …

I hope my writing can help you in a little bit. I’m glad I was able to help you go somewhere. You just is here. Read this article well. You’ll see it’s all a piece of cake. He’s got his mind set for nothing. How small is the world, how big are your dreams?…

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