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Washington DC, United States

Washington DC, United States

I suddenly decided to go to NY. Here at the end of the last 2 weeks with the holiday of the schools; my cousin, wife and children with the plan for a few years, but we can not go to a way to Washington DC is going.

After the traditional American breakfast at Craker & barrel, which we all love so much, in the first hour of the journey, which will take about 4 hours, I wonder what the weather will be like there, the way the sun passes with the enthusiasm of our eyes. Because even in April in New Jersey we saw plenty of snow, we were cold. We were mortified by the grey air that stepped in at the time the flowers were supposed to open.

Luckily Washington gives us a bit more hope than the 3 – day weather. We plan our days according to him, as the weather reports are no longer bewildered hour by hour.

Washington DC is a very small city compared to New York. It doesn’t take much time to get into the city and get to the hotel despite the traffic. And so is the Metro. Easy to reach anywhere with a few lines and stops. New York has no diversity, no mess. Besides, it’s probably the cleanest city I’ve ever seen in the world. I’m stylish women, men on the streets. Few people are like self-humans. Traffic is comfortable, especially around the National Mall…

When I first read the National Mall, I thought there was probably a mall here. That’s the big mistake. Because the National Mall seems to be close to each other, but as it walks, it is a very large area, where the monuments, museums and important buildings of the most important American presidents are, which we know by heart from the movies as well.

Those watching Forrest-Gump immediately remember, when Forrest returns from the war, speaking in front of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, a hippie from inside the gigantic ornamental pool begins to run towards him. The running anti-war hippie is Jenny, whom Forrest falls in love with. We remember the movie a lot as we walked through that area.

What else is on the National Mall, which about 25 million people visit each year?

US Capitol

White House

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Roosevelt Memorial

Washington Monument

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Martin Luther King Memorial

Tidal Basin

And too many museums to stop counting. The Smithsonian Family / Group, or how it’s called it, runs all the museums in Washington. Admission to museums is free, some of the attractions inside are paid for. The city is a bit crowded as we were there at Spring Break time. It’s full of tourists like us.

Of course, as of the season, the main highlight of the event “Cherry Blossom Festival”. In fact, while these cherry blossom trees are rampant all over the city, it’s like a paradise demo to wander among the trees on the edge of the Tidal Basin, where the number is said to be 700.

According to the story, the Jefferson Memorial will be built in that area, cherry trees will be cut down and a group of women revolted about it. They chained themselves in the area where the monument was to be built and performed a sit-in. The fact that a marble monument was to be built instead of trees caused a public backlash. Although the project was said to have changed, it was actually the same one that was first drawn with what we see today. This was not just a monument, but an area filled with trees around it. There were of course trees to be lost but new ones to be planted instead. These chains oblige the women who came to the toilets by drinking tea and serving tea on the cold winter day to the women who had tied themselves in chains in the sitting act of President Roosevelt of that time! they say they solved it. More cherry trees were also said to have been planted. I haven’t counted, I don’t know:)

The Jefferson monument is perhaps the most peaceful and peaceful and has a pleasant view of the cherry trees.

This is a huge plateau for lots of videos and photos. My loved ones also enjoy it quite a lot. Our first two days are completely in this area, without entering museums, enjoy the beautiful air in the open area…

I’m most impressed with the Lincoln Memorial, maybe a little bit of my sympathy for the man.

On our last day we’re going to the National Air & Space Museum, which we’re all wondering about. Inside, there are many materials from American aviation history, some of them original in size, including aircraft. A few are also going into simulation, especially those aimed at Space, which is of interest to all of us.

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