Skagway is the northernmost of the region in Alaska called Inside passage. It is also very close to the city of Yukon in Canada, where gold is extracted, and this place is becoming even more valuable by traders. Because it is the gateway to transportation to gold mines for those who have come up with the dream of finding gold in the territory of neighboring Yukon in Alaska history. It is also located on the nearest road to the Klondike mines.

Currently, 1,000 people live in Skagway. It’s a very cute settlement. The snow-capped mountains rise at the back. The front side is the sea as far as it can get. This place is like a movie set. All along the street are Single-Story 2-story Motley houses. Here, especially the wooden building facades on Broadway Street and the in the trail of ’98 museum are among the attractions.

Besides, Red Onion Saloon is a must-stop place. It was built in 1897 during the Gold Rush and opened for service in 1898. This hall was frequented by merchants and sailors at the time. They drink on the first floor, 2.ci the floor was run as a brothel. You can visit the brothel for $ 5. You are accompanied by a very flirty lady on the tour. There were 13 rooms in total. The story here is really interesting.

Skagway is very impressive with everything. We’re entering a bar called Mascot Saloon. The entrance contains mannequins describing that period. The bars on Skagway were first in the tent. This hall was built in 1898. There were 80 bars during the gold rush, but they were also used as transport offices. However, in 1899, when the state asked each bar for a $ 1,500 tax on operating costs, some of these bars had to be closed.

They have a dessert they call Alaskan Fudge. I suggest to try it.

In the hall called FOE, a musical describing the period of the Gold Rush is on display. It’s a really colourful and lovely show. With this 1 hour show you can feel that period more closely.

Skagway is literally a movie set. Only in time have the players changed. Almost all of the 1,000-strong population is interested in tourism. Many souvenir shops lined the streets offer tourists different options.

What Time Do You Go?

The period from June to August is the most appropriate time period in terms of weather conditions.

Climate / Weather

The Tundra climate is effective. A very cold and quite solid air is effective. In winters temperatures are generally minus degrees, while in summers the average temperature is between 15-20 degrees.

How To Get There?

The city of Juneau is accessible by ferry. It is also possible to reach the city by road from this city again.

Skagway Hostels

Alaska Sojourn Guesthouse & Hostel

Skagway Home Hostel

At The White House

Cindy’s place

Mile Zero B & B

Skagway Inn Hotel Westmark Inn

Sergeant Prestons ‘ Lodge

Morning Wood Hotel

Food / Restaurant / What To Eat Or Drink?

There are some restaurants on the main street that you might prefer. Going to the restaurants here, along with other activities you can do in the city, will be a pleasant alternative for you. Chicken and aquaculture are used quite a lot in this city’s food. Here are some of the restaurants you might prefer in Skagway::

– You Say Tomato

– Skagway Fish Co

– Red Onion Saloon

/ Starfire

– Olivia’s

– Skagway Fish Company

– Glacial Smoothies&Espresso

– North Eden

What Is Done?

Mountain biking is a very important sport in Skagway. If you’re interested in this sport at Skagway, you can try it easily. This city, on the other hand, has areas very suitable for the sport of hiking. You can also take walks starting from the White Pass&Yukon Route area and run very long distances. Skagway red onion Hall is one of the most important landmarks of this region. Built in 1872, it was one of the most frequented by merchants and sailors at the time. 1 of this structure consists of 2 floors. While you can drink on the Floor, 2. the ground was run as a brothel. Today, while you can drink below, you also have a chance to visit the museum above. You can travel for $ 5. Numerous boat tours are held on Skagway during the day. Thanks to these boat tours you will have the opportunity to spend both day time and see many places in this city. You can also take City Tours organized within the city, accompanied by guides. There are two National Parks and Forests in Skagway. These are the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and Tongass National Forest. You can also visit these historic sites and assess your daytime times. Apart from these, Skagway has numerous museums, historic buildings and mines.

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