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City Born Of Ashes:Nuremberg

City Born Of Ashes:Nuremberg

It also holds the title of being the first city to be prosecuted for crimes against world peace.

Nürnberg, which was the target of bombs in World War II and was destroyed from start to finish, was built in line with its original renovation works which lasted until 1960. The city is frequented by tourists living in Imperial breezes with its Turkish population approaching 50 thousand…

Germany, one of the most heavily populated countries in the Turkish population, is creating a serious supply, especially during the summer season with the increase in demand for Turkey-connected flights. Those who want to fly from Turkey to different cities of Germany can find airfares at incredibly cheap prices, while those who are looking for the opportunity for the appropriate time and economic conditions to explore new destinations are taking advantage of this.

The starting point for a mini tour covering several countries in Europe is, of course, Germany.  I am bound for Germany, which never tops my curiosity list, this time via Nuremberg on a direct flight to Dresden… with my sister, her friends Dilay and Efe … together we begin our journey of many delightful mothers.

Adnan Menderes Airport luggage weight problem in support of the requests of our citizens who have been carrying out our boarding procedures.

Nürnberg, which means nothing more than being the first stop of a new European Tour for us, makes itself sufficiently public and endearing on a night when we gasp over it and on a day when we wander…

It’s a cool night at the airport. We ask them how to make transportation to the hotel where we will stay to the Turkish family with whom we support the suitcase. They say we can use municipal buses that carry around the clock between the airport and the city centre, or take a taxi to the city centre. According to the direction you will go on the airport-city center route, you can reach between 16-20 euros by taxi. So we take a cab without waiting for the bus.

Our group, which makes all hotel reservations over the internet, takes a deep breath when they see the hotel. However, the German school receptionist uncle persistently began to tell us that we had a two-person reservation, and we began a half-hour flurry of understanding each other. Documents, output, names on the end of a flurry of words that go to the rooms by getting victorious. A beautiful Nuremberg expedition awaits us the next day…

It is part of Bavaria, Germany, and part of the 2nd District of that state.its major city, Nuremberg, is considered the capital of industry. Turks make up 10 percent of the city, whose total population exceeds 500 thousand. Historically counted as Roman-Germanic Imperial centers, the city has lost nothing of its historical texture. In the Middle Ages, the German painter Albrecht Dürer was born and lived in the city known as II. The sites where pre-World War II crowded Nazi rallies were held today are museums. The city was also home to the Nuremberg court, where war criminals were tried. While it is also known as Hitler’s favourite city, it is interesting to note that it is still the place where the Nazis were prosecuted. Historical sources suggest that if Hitler lived, he would choose Nuremberg as the capital of Germany.

After leaving the hotel, we move towards the city center where the density is with the city map we have. II. During World War II, almost every structure in the city was bombed and destroyed in the city demolished structures in accordance with the original renovation. You can’t understand that these buildings were built later as you walk through the streets of Nuremberg today. That’s why we have to celebrate the Germans because of their history.

Like similar European cities, we are in a city where bicycle use precedes motor vehicles. Although the nürnbergs have not yet woken up, we are determined to travel the city from head to toe. It is possible to walk on foot in a few hours inside the structure, which is recorded as the Old City and is protected behind the walls.

Nuremberg, which was built in the Middle Ages for defense purposes, has a church, a museum, a bridge and historical fountains.

One of Nuremberg’s most impressive structures is the former Nazi Party Documentation Centre. At the centre, where the process that dragged Germany into World War II is told through documentaries broadcast from photographs and screens, no tour guide is needed. Visitors can listen to images and descriptions in German, English, French and Russian.

Nuremberg also undertakes the mission of becoming a ‘city of Human Rights and peace’ due to human rights violations in the period from 1935 to the Second World War.

On either side of the German National Museum in the city is a narrow road with ‘Pillars of peace’. The museum displays historical artifacts, materials, photographs and documents collected from German-speaking countries. The museum, which contains a total of 1 million 200 thousand pieces, is the largest museum in the cultural history of Germany.

It is imperative that those who are keen on museums and want to take a closer look at the process that has shaped Europe in particular visit museums. But if you want to sit cool cool in the square to drink my beer, there are beautiful cafes with different kinds of beer everywhere. You can sit and witness the silence of the city…

The ‘Hauptmarkt’ Square is located in the middle of the old Nuremberg city, surrounded by walls. In the area used as a Trade Center in history, today small stands where flowers, vegetables, fruits and spices are sold. We look at interesting designs of various fruits and vegetables and crafts. After the stands, we are looking for products unique to Germany in the markets surrounding the square. Besides, not without a souvenir while we’re here. Prices are a bit high, even though the postcard, flags, trophies, keychain when we say we get something…

Hauptmarkt’s market dwellers leave their places every year in the last week of July to a festival of singers and composers called ‘Bardentreffen’.

The city’s most amazing art event is the ‘Classic Open Air’. Classical music concerts held on the lawn, called Luitpoldhain, are held every year in July, August and September.

Germany’s second largest zoo is also located in Nuremberg. More than 200 animal species are housed in the area, which is based on 70 hectares. Operating just outside Nuremberg, this zoo is visited by over 1 million people every year, both domestic and international. From rhino to Penguin, from Siberian tiger to polar bear, visitors can also watch the animals underwater thanks to the windows placed on the side walls of the pools the animals use for swimming.

If you have more than a few days in the city, I say stop by, but you can’t afford to enjoy your time in the glory of the Old City.

We climb up the city square to Nuremberg castle, known as Imperial Castle. Located on the hill overlooking the Old Town, The Castle’s natural structure has survived intact. The surrounding trees and Canopy have become a resting point frequented by people.

While offering sections from the ancient Nuremberg Roman-Germanic Empire with its different Museum options and natural structure, we are preparing to say goodbye to the historical gardan to the city where we visit all day slowly, withering.

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