Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a small European country that lies between Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia . In the middle of this quartet is very comfortable to transport from here to other countries.

My acquaintance with Ljubljana had been with Interrail, which I started from Italy. So I made my way to the city by train. As with most European cities, the railway station here is located in the city centre. Ljubljana is slightly more affordable than other European cities so it is possible to find hotels/hostels according to every budget. They use the Euro as their currency.

It is possible to explore the entire city on foot. I guess the city looked nicer than it was because I went to christmas time, but I’d love to see it in spring or summer as well. You don’t have any trouble with the language in the city because almost everyone speaks English.

Let’s go to Ljubljana, where I have toured, how I have toured the matter 🙂

Preseren Square is one of the main squares of Ljubljana and is located right in the middle of the city. You can visit the markets set up around Christmas time. There is also a statue of the poet, France Preseren, from which it is named.

The triple bridge consists of 3 bridges, as can be understood from its name. It connects to the Old Town via the Ljubljanica River. It has been restored since 1280. The bridge is always moving.

Dragon Bridge, the symbol of the city, Dragons have taken their place on four corners of the bridge. Don’t forget to take pictures with dragons 🙂

Kongresni (Congress) Square, the largest square in the city, I think we can say, here again, you can meet with events, markets. It is also the site of the University of Ljubljana.

Trubarjeva Street is a street where old shoes dangle over the streets, its walls are filled with graffiti, you can sit and drink your coffee and breathe. It is a wonder why shoes are hung, because some people believe that it brings luck because they have memories, because it is believed that there are positive changes in the life of the person who hangs the shoe. I don’t know what the reason is, but it seems very interesting.

Tivoli Park, Yes, in December, although much taste çıkmışada, I’m sure that the green in the spring and full of oxygen is super oluyordur, I say add this place to your notes necessarily.

Ljubljana Castle, which attracts the most tourists, is actually one of the most important points for the locals. But not to think of it as just a castle. It also hosts many exhibitions and events. You can also take a panoramic look at Ljubljana here. There is also a funicular to the castle, if you do not want to use the funicular, a steep hill will be waiting for you.

Metelkova Autonomous Region, Ljubljana’da must see this place. For a period it was used as a barracks by the Yugoslav armies. With the breakup of Slovenia from Yugoslavia, things get a little mixed up here, and a group of young Slovene people are moving to turn this place into a cultural centre, and they are succeeding. Many events and concerts are held today. Art galleries and nightclubs are located.

If you fall your way to the Slovenian side Ljubljana must stop in 1-2 days, I say. Let your plans go full and full 🙂

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