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Milano, The Capital Of Fashion

Milano, the capital of fashion

Have you ever thought about disappearing into a city you don’t know? Milan is exactly the place for me… where you go into the streets you don’t know and smile at the people you’ll never see your face in again … and leave yourself hopelessly in the calm arms of the wind. For many, though the country’s grey, snop and naughty boy managed to conquer my heart from day one!

Although slightly more ‘cool’ than other cities in Italy, Milan is a place that attracts you with its history. You feel that from the first time you set foot in the city. People are stylish and well-maintained in a way that gives them the right to be a fashion city. The structures, on the other hand, process the Renaissance spirit into you. If you want to come to Italy and see Milan later, think again, there is something in this city that will attract you too!

When Should He Go To Milan?

Italy is generally known for its temperate climate. However, because Milan is located in the north of Italy, its winters have a warm climate while its harsh terrestrial summers. If you say I’m used to being affected by cold and snow during the winter months, you can opt for prices to be more affordable. Milan summer is both very hot and the tourist season opens to enjoy the city can create trouble. I like to calm those who say that the spring months are for you. Both prices are more reasonable and you can take this opportunity while Crazy tourist groups have not yet stepped into the city. The only thing you should not forget is to take your umbrella with you! Milan famous for its grey weather and rain…

How Do You Get From The Airport To The City In Milan?

Milan Malpensa airport is where planes land most in the city. Its distance to the city is about 40 km. From Malpensa airport, you can choose shuttle and train options to reach Milan city centre.

Take a 30-minute trip to Milan city centre for 10 euros by taking the shuttles at the exit of Malpensa airport. In Italy, taxi is not much preferred as it is a fairly expensive means of Transportation. If you do not want to give 70-80 euros to the city from the airport shuttle is useful to use.

If you want to reach the city centre by train, you need to get a ticket to the Malpensa Express. Train ticket departing from Terminal 1 is 12 euros. With the Malpensa Express you can go to Centrale, Cadorno and Garibaldi, the main terminals of the city, in one-and-a-half hours.

You can also easily reach Milan via Bergamo Airport, which is owned by Bergamo city. After about 45 minutes, you are in Milan city centre, boarding shuttles waiting at the exit.

Inter-City Transport In Milan

Milan is Italy’s most developed city with a metro network. It is possible to reach almost every point of the city by metro. It is also quite easy to transfer on the metro network, which has 4 lines. If you wish, you can purchase Milan cards, which are available in 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour options and make all kinds of transportation free of charge during your holiday.

Milan card’s price is 24 hours: 7 euros, 48 hours: 13 euros, 72 hours: 19 Euros. Metro ticket prices are 1.5 euro for single use. We opted for a 48-hour Milan Card, and we understood at the end of the trip how much we had the right choice. Although we went on foot to many places, if we didn’t get the Milan card we would have spent a lot more than 13 euros with transfers and commutes. The card also has many advantages such as free museum entrance, restaurant discounts etc. Those who wonder can examine the details of the card at this address.

Places To Visit In Milan

Duomo Cathedral (Duomo Di Milano)

The Duomo Cathedral, one of the most important examples of Gothic architecture, is the fourth largest cathedral in Europe. The structure I’ve seen dozens of times in photos before is right in front of me… the first time I saw it, it was like I was breathing. It is so glorious and glorious that it takes a man under its influence in an instant. And there’s a question in my head: if the outside is so affected, how’s the inside?The Duomo Cathedral welcomes thousands of tourists throughout the day. No matter what time of day you want to go in, it’s impossible not to have a queue. Although there are many people in the queue, don’t give up, believe me, it will be worth your while!

Entrance fee to Duomo cathedral is 2 euro. You should also pay a separate fee if you want to go to the terrace floor and take a look at that spectacular view. You have to pay 7 euros for the stairs to the terrace floor and 12 euros for the lift.

Please note that the visiting hours of Duomo Cathedral are between 08.00-19.00 and the terrace floor is between 09.00-19.00 because our Italian friends are very interested in this clock event. Even if it’s 1 minute past, the doors are closed and they won’t let you in.How Can You Reach It?: Getting off at the Duomo stop located on the red line. (Piazza Del Duomo)

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco Chateau 15. although the entrance to the courtyard of the castle is free, if you want to enter the museums in it, you have to pay a certain fee. Here you can see Michelangelo’s famous work Rondanini Pieta in the last period of his life. Don’t leave before you take a picture in front of the castle’s giant gate!

How Can You Reach It?: Get off at the Cairoli stop on the red line from the Duomo and after 15 minutes walk you can reach the castle. If you have come to the castle, you can visit Sempione Park on foot and reach the Peace Monument at the end of the park.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The historic beauty next to the Duomo… the world’s oldest shopping centre, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, located just to the left of the Cathedral, is quite different from what you know. It includes cafes and restaurants, along with shops of popular brands such as Prada, LV, Versace.

If you see a crowd of bull figures in the building, which is notable for its glass dome and earthwork, do not say what is this! It is believed that if you bring your heel over the bull and turn three times over your right foot, blessings are brought. We’ve all tried.

Santa Maria Delle Grazia

How about a closer look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s last dinner table? However, you must book online at least a month before your trip. Otherwise, you’re almost impossible to get inside.

How Can You Reach It?: Landing at the Conciliazione stop located on the red line. (Piazza Di Santa Maria Delle Grazia)

Parco Sempione

Here is one of the most peaceful places in Italy… green grass, ducks floating in the water, bird chirps of this park is almost a hidden paradise. When you leave Castello Sforzesco, stop by this park to meet you in the future and rest your tired body on the grass. If you wish, you can take the tram number 10, which departs just ahead of the turn, to the Duomo.

How Can You Reach It?: If you take the metro from the Duomo and get off at the Cairoli stop and pass through the castle, you can reach the park.

Arco Della Pace

After passing the park you will see the huge monument Arco Della Pace, Peace Monument in our language. This building, which also stands as Sempione city gate, was built in honor of Napoleon’s entrance into the city. The relief sections of the monument were designed to symbolize the important battles and leaders of the Italians. After passing through Sempione gate, you can reach Corso Sempione.

How Can You Reach It?: If you want to come directly to the Peace Monument, you should take the tram number 10, which departs from the Duomo, and descend to Piazza Sempione square.


Milan’s canals district is frequented by young people with Navigli. Navigli, which means ‘canals’ in Italian, is quiet during the day and in the evening it becomes a place where Milan students fill up for aperitivo. As prices are more affordable than other regions, people who want to meet and socialize with Navigli friends flock to. Detailed information about Navigli can be found in the article Milano food and Drink guide.

How To Reach?: You can reach here after a short walk by landing at Porto Genova or Porto Ticinese metro stops.

La Scala

The building where La Scala opera and ballet performances are held greeted you after you walk out the back door of the historic shopping centre. Tickets sold out very quickly, so if you buy them from the Internet months ago, you may have the chance to watch a unique performance.

How Can You Reach It?: (Via Filodrammatici 2)

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