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GRANADA Economic Travel Guide

Granada is located on the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, with snowy hills all 12 months circular, at the junction of the Beiro, Darro, Genil and Monachil rivers. Due to the fact of this feature, it has a wealthy local weather, Alpine vegetation of Sierra Nevada and ideal views as much as the tropical shore of the Motril river, the place temperatures are around -10 ° C in winter and at an average temperature of 15 ° C.


By way of aircraft: Granada Airport is 20 km from the town. Direct flights from Granada to VUELING or IBERIA are available from many cities. That you can additionally use the airports in Barcelona or Madrid to get to Granada by way of home flight, coach or car.

You should use public buses or shuttles from Granada airport to the town center.

By instruct: there is no excessive velocity educate in Granada, however of course the train station is connected to the relaxation of Spain. RENFE is the reliable website the place that you would be able to get know-how about trains, occasions, routes, timetables in Spain. We endorse that you just review before touring.

Via Bus: before journeying by using bus in Spain, we propose that you examine the ALSA website to peer costs, routes.


probably the most pleasant solution to get around the metropolis is to walk in our opinion. A constitution that you’re going to stumble upon on the running route, the individuals you’re going to meet with the aid of hazard, you will in finding in a misplaced road will be filled with surprises that you’re going to now not come throughout in any journey article.

For those who pick to not walk, we suggest using purple and white minibuses as public transport. Principally the buses that say “Alhambra Bus yanında subsequent to it are the fine ones to explore the city.

Tekbilet for Granada public buses is around 1.5 euroe however that you could make your go back and forth more low priced with the aid of shopping a public ticket. Click here to view the public bus community.

Lodging IN GRANADA: where to remain IN GRANADA?

Seeing that Granada is a touristic Andalusian city, you can find many options for lodging. We had been in a hostel on Gran via street. It used to be a hostel that satisfied us in fee-worth accounting and we were very convinced. That you can compare the lodging at reserving.Com.


Alhambra (Al Hamra): we’re sure that you are going to go to Granada to visit the Alhambra Palace.

Flamenco: Flamenco is likely one of the most pleasurable routine in Andalusia in the whole of Spain.

Sacromonte: In Sacromonte, you should visit the Gypsy caves and watch the towers of the Alhambra palace, the white slopes of Albaycin, the Valparaiso valley and the Darro river. Here we advocate you to observe the Zambra exhibit, which is the style of flamenco where the singer additionally dances, accompanied by way of a little extra oriental rhythm.

La Chumbera: (Estudio de los Gitanos): it’s a huge auditorium in Sacromonte the place live performance routine are held.

Sierra Nevada: placed a short distance from Granada, it’s an excellent mountain for mountaineering, mountaineering and iciness snowboarding.


Granada has a mixture of Arab and Andalusian gastronomy. Neighborhood dishes incorporate pork beans, San Anton, Sacromonte omelet, and Andalusian gazpachos with tomato and garlic and grilled sardines, as in Malaga.

Of path you will find all over the place and drink free tapaslarının have to mention that we do not even have got to point out.

It’s a known incontrovertible fact that the Spaniards are warm and sympathetic. The folks on the southern coast are shshs of direction much more sizzling as in every country. Although there are English menus, which you could quite simply ask the waiters for anything you do not understand, they will undoubtedly aid. We have now tried the Pincho de Tortilla and recommend you as we adore it.


do not be amazed if a retailer you seek advice from to buy from thirteen:00 to 17:00 is closed, as in Granada the thought of siesta is valid in the course of Spain, so many neighborhood stores, besides gigantic chain shops, are closed for a couple of hours within the afternoon. On Sundays, the city is virtually asleep and virtually in every single place is closed.

The Puerta actual district is an excellent location for searching. Calle Mesones is a street with interesting garments and memento retail outlets. Alcaiceira, the center of silk exchange at the time, is an reputable place the place you can find souvenirs.

El Corte Inglés is a massive chain retailer on hand for the duration of Spain, where which you could get any product you want.


Granada sights can also be completed in two separate areas. Town may be very good positioned on this feel. We completed town in two days. However it desires a excellent excursion route. Listed below are journey routes and areas to look to complete Granada in two days.

DAY 1 GRANADA commute: metropolis center and Al Hamra Palace (La Alhambra)

On the first day of your go back and forth to Granada, we suggest you to discuss with town middle and talk over with the palace of El Hambra. When you desire, that you may by means of touring the Alhambra first, explore the palace with none time constraints and then go all the way down to town and visit the areas we advocate to see on your route.

The major areas you are going to see on the Granada route are; Capilla actual de Granada (Royal Chapel of Granada), Iglesia del Saguaro (Church of Saguaro), Granada Cathedral, Arzobispado de Granada, Palacio de la Madraza (Medrese Palace). The squares you are going to see on the lengthy strolling route we’ve drawn; Plaza de Bib-Rambla, Corral del Carbon, Plaza Isabel la Catolica and Plaza Nueva. Proceed on Carrera del Darro, the oldest avenue in Albaicín, crossing the true Chancillería de Granada, the Museo San Juan de Dios, Iglesia de San Gil Y Santa Ana and the Alhambra (Al Hamra).

Capilla actual de Granada: This royal chapel is a monumental tomb that houses the remains of Catholic rulers akin to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand II and their daughters Castile Queen Juana I, his wife Felipe I, and their eldest grandson Miguel da Paz, Prince of Asturias.

Cathedral (Santa Iglesia Catedral Metropolitana de la Encarnación de Granada): After the seize of Granada, Queen Isabella, constructed right here as a substitute of the mosque within the cathedral. This cathedral is a masterpiece of Spanish Renaissance variety with its fabulous façades, spectacular architecture and chapels.

Palacio de La Madraza: located close the old mosque and Alcaiceria, this place is an historic Arab university for religious education. Best the usual mihrab stays.

Plaza Bib Rambla: sometimes called Plaza de las Flores (ie Flower square), this square is the center of town. There is a baroque fountain right within the center.

Corral del Carbon: that is the oldest building built within the 14th century. There is a colossal arch at the entrance, and a courtyard surrounded by using crafts rooms and galleries.

Plaza Isabel la Catolica: in the center of the square is a statue committed to Queen Isabella and Columbus.

Actual Chancillería de Granada (Royal Chancery): This royal archive is an archive of the Spanish lineage, which involves knowledge about sacred certificates, wills of noted families, clergymen, church buildings and historical past. At the moment it’s used as a excessive court core.

Museo San Juan de Dios: 12 rooms, 3 galleries, a courtyard and a stunning chapel, this museum is a source of useful expertise concerning the history of Andalusia. The museum has many artwork, metalware and porcelain.

Iglesia de San Gil Y Santa Ana (St. Anne Churchs Church): it’s a small church developed at the establishing of Carrera del Darro and constructed on the one hundred and fiftieth mosque of Almanzra.

Al-Hamra (La Alhambra): The palace built on the hill of Al-Hamra takes its identify from the pink beards of Muhammad I, which is why he was called Al-Hamar.

The most important a part of the palace, consisting of four constituents, is the Nazari Palace. Furthermore to this, the summer palace and garden known as Generalife, because of this Cennet-ül Arif, is Al Kazaba, the place nearly two thousand persons are living, and the fifth Carlos Palace, developed with the aid of the fifth Carlos in the garden of the palace to exhibit the Christian conquest.

DAY 2 GRANADA TRIP: Albaicín and Sacromonte

The Albaicín (Albayzín) is an old Arabian district of Granada. Located directly across from the Alhambra Palace, this section has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. On the right side of Albayzín is a large hill adjacent to Sacromonte.

Sacromonte: Albaicín is a must-see region. As in Cappadocia, here are the caves and underground houses where gypsies lived for a long time in this mountainous area, where soft walls are ideal for excavation.

We start this tour from Plaza Nuevo. From here you can take the minibus to go to Sacromonte and Albaicín, but we recommend you to walk. After a short tour of the narrow streets of Albaicín, crossing the San Jose Church (Iglesia de San Jose) and seeing the Church of San Nicolas a little further ahead, Plaza Larga, the most lively square of Albaicín, We will reach. You can take a short break from Calle Panaderos street after arriving at Plaza Aliatar Square. Bar Aliatar, originally known as Car Los Caracoles ”or Snail Bar, is a place that specializes in snails.

From here we continue on our route to Plaza del Salvador. The church here was built on the Albaicín mosque in the 16th century. It is famous for its unusual horseshoe arch, ceilings with Arabian architecture and the old traditional water tank. From Cuesta de Chapiz, you’ll see where the gypsies perform zambra dance in the flamenco caves. Placeta de Albaida and Cuesta de Chinos will continue and you will reach the impressive walking path Mirador de la Vereda de Enmedio. Here you will feel as if looking out on a balcony with spectacular views of Albaicín and the Alhambra. We continue on the top of the mountain of Valparaísorather, where Abadia Del Sacromonte (The Sacromonte Abbey) is located on the main street of Camino del Sacromonte, where the restaurants are lined up. On the way you can visit the Sacromonte Cave Museum, which is an open-air Roman museum, giving an insight into the geography, nature, caves, music, food and art of Sacromonte. Palacio de los Córdovas and El Bañuelo (Carrera del Darro street number 32) are some of the other major tourist attractions on your way back from Paseo de Los Tristes at the end of this impressive route.


For nightlife in Granada, we recommend dinner in a nice restaurant or tapas bar, and plenty of Spanish music and Flamenco shows with a glass of local brand wine or beer.

If you want to try a local wine in Granada, you must order the waiter “un costa.. You should try this drink which is similar to sherry rather than a table wine and you can find it in different qualities. Another alternative is yaz tinto de verano bir, a full summer wine prepared with a mixture of red wine and soda. Of course, olan sangria klasik, a very tasty and refreshing classic Spanish drink, is another drink you can choose here. For those who do not prefer wine, you can try Cerveza Alhambra, a local beer that you can easily find all over Granada.


We encourage you to spend as much time as you can in the narrow streets of the city, enter the local shops and meet and chat with local people as much as possible.
Buying your tickets for the Alhambra Palace in advance will save you time as you may have to wait in long queues at the entrance of the palace.
Popular zambra places in Sacromonte are in the Zambra Cueva del Rocío (Camino del Sacromonte 70) and María la Canastera regions. We strongly recommend you to watch the Zambra which is a kind of flamenco dance.

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