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List Of Places To Visit In Azerbaijan

List Of Places To Visit In Azerbaijan

Although most people do not dream of travelling to this part of the world, Azerbaijan offers great possibilities for those looking for a satisfying adventure. The millennial history of this country is combined with its long-established traditions, and it turns out to be a country worth visiting. The best places to visit in Azerbaijan offer diversity to travelers in their landscapes, culture, wildlife and experiences. This is why we have written for you the most beautiful places to visit in Azerbaijan.


Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is one of the first places to visit frequently in Azerbaijan. The medieval Icheri Sheher with its Mysterious Girl tower forms the focal point of the city. 19 with the architectural styles of the Russian Empire and a modern skyline. the tiered view of Baku, a late-Century City, offers glorious views. The peaks include the Caspian Sea, The Flame Towers, and Bake Boulevard, which embraces the shopping district on Nizami Street. Not only will travelers find a selection of hotels that fit any budget, but a wide variety of restaurants, bars and cafes will also be able to have a great time. With all these features, Baku is first in the list of places to visit in Azerbaijan.


Ganja Runner-Up 12. it is the birthplace of the century poet and Nizami Ganjavi and attracts relatively few tourists compared to Baku. This is because it takes a 370-kilometre journey that takes about four-and-a-half hours from the capital to experience this historic city. As can be understood by his name, Ganja does not mention marijuana. 6, along with ancient mosques, caravanserais, churches and a house made of bottles. it promises a rich history that dates back to the century.


Anyone who wants to experience pristine landscapes, ancient mountain villages and immerse themselves in Caucasus culture should consider going to Kuba. Located 170 kilometers from Baku in the Northeast, the cultural center should be the top place among the places to visit in Azerbaijan. Located at the foot of Mount Shahdag, 600 meters (1,969 feet) above sea level, this region has clean and fresh air seeping through the culture. The natural beauty of the great Caucasus Mountains, Tenghi Canyon and waterfalls are just a few of the important places to visit.

Mountain Villages

From Quba go across the Qudailchay River and walk towards Qirmizi Qesebe (Red City). This 2,500-year-old settlement is home to a community of Mountain Jews living in a residential area that is said to be the largest Jewish settlement outside Israel. Other places to visit near the villages include the villages of Khinalug, Qusar, Lahij and Saribash.


One of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus, Sheki is one of the best places to see in Azerbaijan. With a population of just 60,000 in the foothills of the great Caucasian Mountains, the humbling impression from the outside is somewhat deceptive. For thousands of years, Sheki’s famous silk has transformed the small city into a big place on the Silk Road. Traders from the East and West converged here over time with many activities in the caravanserais of the city. If you come here, move forward and 18. explore the century-old Palace of Sheki Khans, castles and historic mosques. Move away from Sheki, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to hike in rivers, waterfalls, gorges and mountains.

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