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The exact meaning of the visa application applied by many countries is the official permission obtained from the authorities of that country in order to enter a foreign country. Usually the visa fee is the first item in the countries ‘ paperwork rankings.

According to countries, visa fees can be written about how much you must pay before obtaining a visa.

Which Visa How Much 2019

For 2019, each country has its own visa application and the fees it demands for it. Some countries pay attention to the length of the visa you will receive and the number of entries and exits and apply a visa fee, while countries in the Schengen area have identified a single figure as fix. You can learn all of this information with the following descriptions and utility table.

Schengen Visa

The Schengen visa, which covers all countries in the Schengen area, allows you to enter and exit with a single visa. Of course, it is important that your visa is single entry or multi entry. A single-entry visa allows you to travel to the country where you received the visa only once, and if your visa is multi-entry, you can enter the European country of your choice with a schengen visa for the duration of your visa.

The Schengen Visa Fee Is 60 Euros.  (Additional charges are not included in this price.)

UK Visa Fee

When obtaining a UK visa, you must pay a fee for the period of time your visa will be valid. In this case, the short-term 6-month visa is set at $ 113, 2-year $ 439, 5-year $ 780, 10-year $ 978.

Canada Visa Fee

The Canadian visa fee for tourists is a visa that can be issued on visits to Canada for less than 6 months. The Canadian visa fee for tourists is 100 CAD (Canadian dollars).

The Canadian visa fee for students is the visa fee that students have to take when traveling for reading or traveling while they are students. The Canadian visa fee for students is 150 CAD (Canadian dollars.)

Chinese Visa Fee

One of the most difficult visas I have ever heard and seen is the Chinese visa. I haven’t been there before but I had a chance to go to a friend because of the work and the visa process is quite tricky. I think this situation has been reflected in the Chinese visa fee. Don’t forget to pay a visa fee and keep your receipt.

The Chinese visa 2018 fee is $ 270 for individuals in each age group.

Bulgarian Visa Fee

Although Bulgaria is an EU country. He is not in the Schengen area and is not yet issuing a Schengen visa. For this reason, if you want to come directly to Bulgaria, you have to obtain a Bulgarian visa. If you still have a Schengen visa that you can use, this is valid. However, if you plan to travel to Bulgaria without a visa, you must first obtain a Bulgarian visa.

The visa fee is substantial and a fee you must pay first to obtain the visa. Unfortunately, you can not even apply for a visa if you cannot pay this amount. The amount you have paid will also be written on the visa you have received.

Bulgarian Visa Fee: 60 Euro

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