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Palenque City Of Prophecies

Palenque City Of Prophecies

In Palenque, one of the places to visit and see is the ancient city named after the city. It can’t be said that there are too many options out there but tourists are filling the city to see this ancient city. There’s not much to see in the city. Therefore, it is a more pleasant choice to stay in hotels and hostels in cangil instead of the city. It’s a great choice to listen to the sound of monkeys roaring from the accommodation room in the jungle and the singing of tropical birds.

Imagine such a storm that you are unlikely to find your way back if you come out of the fenced area alone without a rehb. When you raise your head, you find it hard to see the sky. Monkeys pass by the side of the room you’re staying in. When you hear the sound of monkeys roaring at night, you find it hard to believe that they are monkeys, not monkeys, but puma. You see birds of different colors. As you eat, a small monkey like a black plush comes next to you in a shy way and wants bananas. You can’t hide your amazement at that moment, is that it’s the monkey that makes that noise? That’s where Palenque is.

Ancient City Of Palenque

Although the ancient city has been listed as a UNESCO world historical site, Mexico does not see the necessary value in the list of places to visit. Much grander than the Chichen Itza, the city was overshadowed by the Chichen Itza as it remained outside the busy tourist area.

Palenque, one of the most important cities of the Mayan civilizations, is named after 16.he bought it from the Spanish town of Santo Domingo Palenque, which was founded nearby in the century. Although the ancient city of Palenque was founded before millattan, it was not known to Europeans until the 1700s. This dates back to when a yeast Spanish nun mentioned the existence of this place. 20. digging up the buried city and bringing it to the face of the sun.he finds YY. Therefore, etchings and hieroglyphs preserve the vitality and glory of the first day. These hieroglyphs are evidence of Maya culture and knowledge. They tell a lot about alliances, trade, exchange, wars and marriages.

Palenque was also a key point in the infamous 2012 prophecy.  Some believed that the world would perish, but that it would open the door to another dimension than Palenque. So in 2012, a lot of people are still told that they bought a one-way ticket to Mexico and walked around the ancient city empty-handed when the famous day was over, not knowing what to do.

The situation is that the Mayans do not have beliefs such as Doomsday or extinction. According to the prophecy, December 21, 2012, is the start day of a new 5,000-year period. Maybe we haven’t noticed.

Accommodation at Palenque

I recommend options for accommodation in the middle of cangil. Cabanas in the El Panchan area where I stay do not accept online reservations. When you go, they give you room if it’s empty, or you’re lucky. I chose to take that risk because it’s not always an experience that can be experienced. Those who are sensitive to insects Börtü, let them go to it a little more töleranslı.

I stayed at The Jungle Palace. I paid 150 pesos for a double room without a bath. On the way here, you have to tell me that you want to get on the dolmus to the ancient city of Palenque and get off at El Panchan. Most dolmus drivers don’t know the name of the hotels in the hostels there. There is not much of a price difference between cabanas in El Panchan. If one is full when you arrive, the gap in the others is mostly happening.

Necessarily Notice

Palenque ve San Cristobal arasındaki yol Banditolar tarafından tutulmuş durumda. Güvenlik nedeniyle 4 saatlik kısa yol yerine 10 saatlik uzun yol tercih edilmeli.

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