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Rome Attractions

-General Information About Rome

  • Most shops in Rome are open Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 13:30 and from 15:30 to 19:30. Shops on the main streets do not close for lunch and are closed a little later.
  • You must have a valid Schengen visa to go to Rome.
  • Most of Rome’s most popular attractions are outdoors. So you can visit a large part at no charge. Rome is an open-air museum.
  • Rome is a city that can be visited without any problems throughout the year.
  • The main museums and art galleries in Rome are open from 8:30 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening. Some cannot be entered without making a reservation. It is useful to get preliminary information about the museums you want to visit.
  • It is emphasized that the best time to visit Rome is the first spring and autumn, but keep in mind that these are high season and hotel prices are higher.
  • The coldest months of Rome are January and February. It’s pretty cold in these two months. At night the temperature may drop below zero. It is also the period when Rome was the cheapest.
  • In July, the average temperature is 25 °, slightly warmer than in August. Due to the high humidity, it is not recommended to visit the city during these months, but I do not think that visitors from high humidity cities such as Istanbul and Izmir will suffer from this temperature. In August, many Romans go on vacation for two weeks and many shops close.

 Rome was called the Eternal City tarafından by the ancient Romans because they believed that the city of Rome would always survive, regardless of the rest of the world. They filled the city center with magnificent monuments. Exploring the city on foot will give you the feeling of a historic journey. Developed for centuries, adorned, equipped with magnificent artifacts in this city, Rome, where you want to wonder where to visit, slowly scroll down the page to continue reading.

  When I picked up Lonely Planet Rome, the first thing I thought about was this. A whole guide book and just for Rome. Normally Lonely Planet travel books are written to cover one or a few countries, but there are so many places to visit in Rome and so many things to do that only one book has been published for Rome. As I thought these thoughts in my mind, the first pages of the book read: Have you come to Rome for 3-4 days, sit back and choose the places you want to see the most. You can’t go all around Rome in 3-4 days. Keep the places you can’t see for other arrivals. I think this is the most important information about Rome.

Rome Attracrions

Places to visit in Rome do not end, but I list the most popular ones. If your trip is not more than 3-4 days, it is impossible to see more of them. Even if you see a lot of gas comes to pity your feet.

Colosseum, Roman Forum, Fountain of Love, Piazza Navona, Vatican, St. St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trastevere, Galleria Borghese, Campo de Fiori, Pigneto, Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome are some of the main places to visit. Not all of the things I’ve counted may suit your taste. You can list your wishes and adjust your time accordingly.


The Coliseum is the main symbol of Rome. The Colosseum is 188 meters long, 156 meters wide and 57 meters high and is the largest amphitheater in Rome.

The Coliseum was built for more than 50,000 people to enjoy the shows. The display of exotic animals, the execution of prisoners, the revival of wars and gladiator fights have kept the Roman people entertained for years.

Colosseum has been active for more than 500 years. The last recorded games in history took place in the 6th century. Since the 6th century, the Coliseum has been subjected to looting, earthquakes and even bombings, but it survived.

Today, the Colosseum is Rome’s most touristic area. Every year, 6 million tourists visit. On July 7, 2007, the Colosseum became one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

If you don’t want to wait in the long queue of the Coliseum, you can take the Roma Pass and enter directly.

Trevi Fountain

If you ask whether Rome’s most photographed place is the Colosseum or the fountain of Love, believe me, I can’t answer that. They certainly go head-to-head… the fountain of love, one of the places to visit in Rome, is crowded if you go almost every hour of the day. You may not have the opportunity to take pictures or wish. As it is located outdoors and in the middle of the tourist area, I often pass in front of the fountain of Love in the early morning when no one was there for the first time, and I caught a night’s commute and relatively empty hours.

If you did not go (I assume you did not go because you read this article), even on television or on the internet must stop at the beginning of the Fountain Of Love and throw a lot of disorder in the back of the people you have seen. The Legend is actually based on the 1954 film Three Coins in the Fountain. Facing back,

– if you throw one coin, you will return to Rome.

– if you throw two coins, you’ll fall in love with an Italian.

– it’s called If you throw three coins, you’ll marry the person you met.

I tried throwing coins behind my back instead of making a wish. The disorder I threw for my own wish went to water, but the disorder I threw for Emre’s wish did not go away. Let’s not discuss the possibility of holding a peace-like Wish in the Middle East anyway.…


With a stroll through the narrow cobbled streets of Trastevere, modest medieval churches, small shops with the most unusual objects, you will feel the culture of the Roman neighbourhood in Trastevere in depth.

Trastevere is one of the best areas to eat in Rome, especially so enjoyable for walking through its streets at night and before dinner.

Visitors looking for the most traditional bars can find what they want in Trastevere, as well as those who prefer modern and innovative venues.

Campo de Fiori

This is probably the open-air market with flowers, fragrant soaps, various cheeses, which has appeared at least once in every film set in Rome. This place used to be a horse market and hosted mass executions during a period of time.

Campo de ‘ Fiori is currently one of the most beloved areas of the city. Since 1869, it has been home to the market famous for its flowers, fruit and vegetables every Monday to saturday.

After sunset, the area becomes one of Rome’s most frequented, with restaurants, cocktail bars and terrace bars.


The Pantheon is the best preserved structure to date from Ancient Rome. When you step inside the building, M.S. You’ll be amazed it was built in 126. When you look at it from the outside, it looks like a structure with columns and strings, but when you get inside, a huge dome greets you.

The interior of the pantheon contains the graves of numerous Italian kings and numerous works of art. The most notable person buried in the pantheon is Raphael, The Renaissance architect and painter.

Entries to the pantheon are free.Take the Pantheon into places to visit in Rome.

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