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6 Things To Consider In Choosing A Backpack

6 Things To Consider In Choosing A Backpack

If you remember from the old school time, you have a very comfortable or very difficult backpack. Either the colors have attracted your attention or you have only taken the shape because you like it. Now that we’re all grown up, it’s time to find out how important the choice of a traveling backpack is to your health and our use.

  1. Lightness
  2. Robustness and Price
  3. Waterproofing
  4. Capacity
  5. Comfort
  6. Colors

Here are 6 items to consider in choosing a backpack;


First of all, considering that you will carry your home on your back, you will need to make sure that the bag is not an extra burden to you except for the items you will carry. As the carrying capacity of women and men is slightly different from each other, it is in your best interest to choose from the kilograms of women.

2-Robustness and Price

In general the most important thing in people’s minds is how much money should be given to a backpack? The answer to this question actually varies depending on your area of use. The higher the price, the better the logic goes into a big mistake and unwittingly you can add neck and back pains to your body.

It is important that the stitches are firm so that your backpack does not let you down during your first trip. The structure of the bag is easy to tear from a fabric that will increase the robustness factor to the top level.

In addition, when you come to the subject of price, the price will increase or decrease according to the capacity ratio. When we give an average price, prices between 120 TL and 300 TL are considered appropriate.


They will usually camp, I have to say, a matter that needs considerable attention for those interested in the sport of mountaineering. Waterproofing is an important feature not only for not getting wet in the rain, but also for not getting wet when you put a liquid substance in the bag. Whether it’s a travel bag or a camping-hiking backpack, the important thing in both of them is waterproofing.


Bags for culture trips should have extra side pockets and a large compartment interior for your easy-to-reach items. The items you want to put in are usually a few pieces of clothing and maybe a camera as capacity for a 10lt bag can be considered enough for you to have.

In addition to this, If you choose a camping-Hiking backpack, a backpack of at least 30lt will be useful in capacity. This bag is enough for you to carry your items for a few days. But if your trip is going to take a week’s time, you should choose a backpack of at least 50lt, as the metaryels you need to carry, including a weekly meal you will use and eat, will take up more space.


People’s health certainly can’t be more important than the travels they’re going to get out of. The comfort that your backpack provides you during this trip should be 10 out of 10. First of all, the fabric of your backpack is waterproof and Air Cooling technology at the same time, so it is a very important feature to be taking air. The importance stems from this; when you add the thick material of the bag that you carry on the fabric that you wear when you are using the backpack, you actually completely shut off a large part of your body to breathe. This causes overheating and therefore excessive sweating. To eliminate this situation, it would be in your best interest to opt for air space backpacks.

In addition, it is another important detail in terms of a comfortable carry, that the body is evenly distributed along with your shoulders towards your waist, which is suitable for your proposition and the weight is much stronger. This condition changes in women and men due to different shoulder widths. When you make your choice, it will make more sense to choose to avoid health problems according to your body and gender rather than to take more items.


Colour, I think, is something that attracts the attention of women in particular. But I point out that men should also take care of it. If you are a stone rover on the mountain, it would be wise to choose more phosphorescent shades. The reason is that it will be easy to be noticed during the night hours when you are outside.

If you’re on a cultural trip and just a few items are choosing a backpack, you might prefer darker colors. The reason is that you will always be with you when you think about the possibility of contamination will make your work easier.

6 things to consider in choosing a backpack we have explained to you about the questions or suggestions you can forward to us in the comments section.

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