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Hotel selection and importance

Because hotel selection is among the most sensitive issues, the wrong choices can result in negativity in our entire accommodation experiment. Therefore, it will be in your favor to do a thorough investigation before making a choice. So what criteria do you have to follow when doing research? In this article we will share tips that will make your trip more peaceful and meaningful for you. First of all, being informed about which hotels are stellar according to the criteria will allow us to make our choices better. All of the hotels in Turkey depend on the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In other words, from the functioning of the hotels to the stars of the Ministry of authority is authorized. This also depends on the relevant institutions abroad and after all the necessary inspections, hotels are starved.

Let’s first recognize the stars in the stellar system:

1 star: hotels must have the following qualities in order to get a star:

  • Must have at least room,
  • To have arrangements such as windbreaker, air curtain, revolving door at the entrance
  • It has a hall consisting of reception and lobby
  • Breakfast room and adequate seating according to capacity
  • Having a management room
  • Capacity proportional and maintained elevator
  • Buffet services
  • First aid supplies and equipment
  • Telephone from the rooms
  • Valuables safe deposit boxes
  • Trim cladding

2 stars: for hotels to receive 2 stars, it is imperative that they have additional 1-star hotels:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Office and Cabinet
  • Hair dryer in rooms
  • Beverage services to the rooms
  • 3 Stars: 3-star hotels should have 2-star hotels with the following:
  • Additional management room,
  • Television service in the rooms
  • Mini bar service in up to 50 percent of rooms
  • Swimming pool or restaurant
  • Laundry and ironing services
  • Making reservations by computer
  • Buffet service 7/24

4 stars: in addition to the requirements of 3 stars it must have:

  • Telephone service at the entrance hall
  • Air conditioning in general areas
  • Room service available from 00 to 24.00
  • Dry cleaning
  • Store sales
  • Reading area
  • Infirmary and physician service
  • Trained personnel
  • Labour offices
  • Indoor or outdoor swimming pool
  • Off salon services,
  • Snack bar or cafeteria
  • Gym

5 stars: in addition to what the 4-star hotel has, it should provide the following services:

  • Work desk, mirror and wall socket in bed
  • A basket/box with products such as shampoo, sewing box, disposable slippers (at least 5 pieces) in the rooms)
  • Non-smoking areas
  • 24 hour room service
  • Garage
  • Satellite broadcast in rooms
  • Internet access
  • Hairdresser services
  • À la carte restaurant

Here, the stellar system in hotels is applied according to whether or not they provide exactly these criteria. For this purpose, the competent authorities carry out the necessary inspections and determine the number of stars of the hotels. The number of stars of the hotels is considered to be one of the most important features that you should consider when choosing customers. Whether it is in Turkey or abroad, you should always remember the stars and the criteria that mean what they mean when choosing hotels.


As we mentioned earlier, we should definitely consider the number of stars when making hotel choices. Of course, this should not just be a stand-alone assessment tool. In addition to this, we should make a research on the internet and read the comments about these hotels and make a decision according to them. For example, some hotels, although 4-star, do not provide the criteria that the customer expects in a full and high quality manner, they only have those features in order to get a job. For this reason, internet reviews are a source of Indian fabric that is not found for us. When choosing a hotel, we have to pay attention to these issues.:

The hotel must be at your desired location. For example, hotels that are far from the places you plan to go will only torment you.

All hotels with the same feature should decide accordingly by looking at comparative reviews and prices. For example, although the two hotels seem to have the same features, you can see some times as much difference between them as mountains.

Reviews and reviews on the Internet should certainly be taken into account.

You should definitely choose a hotel that pays attention to hygiene.

If you are going to travel by car, having a car park at the hotel will also make it easier for you.


The best way to find a cheap hotel is to do a thorough research on the internet. If you constantly follow the internet as a member of the sites that provide services related to hotels, you will also get affordable accommodation. In addition, sometimes some sites offer discount campaigns. You should always check these occasionally. In addition, if you decide to consider all your needs, you will not force your budget. For example, if you’re not going to stay in the hotel much and just go to sleep, you don’t need to stay in a 5-star hotel. A 2-or 3-star hotel will work for you, provided it’s clean instead. But if you say you want to enjoy the hotel, it’s another … then you might have to push your budget a little harder.