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ANCIENT CITY OF OLYMPOS The ancient city of Olympos, which is home to one of the most important Lycian cities in Turkey, is one of the most touristic places of our country thanks to its location and especially its location right inside the holiday Center. Olympos – with this article …

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MEIS ISLAND GREEK ISLANDS We were finally able to create time for Meis Island, the smallest and most colorful of the Greek islands. How long have we been going to Kaş? For some reason we didn’t create an opportunity and go to one of the Twelve islands of Greece, just …

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Philippines (Palawan-Bohol)

Philippines (Palawan-Bohol) Now close your eyes and relax yourself above the immaculate beaches under the palm trees, where no one else exists, or even the name of the island you are on… Here is the island of Palawan. I understand now why Palawan island is the best island in the …

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